Tuesday, December 4, 2012

These are a few of my favorite things...

It's hard to say that phrase without having the tune of Julie Andrews singing in your mind!  Listing your favorite things is such a succinct way to get an idea of someone's style.  So, to give you some insight at what you can find in my house, my booth at the Oxbow, or in the upcoming house shows, here is my list of favorite things.

Decorating style in three words or less:
- Americana, lovingly worn, repurposed  (okay, so that's four...)

Americana - all stacked up

Repurposed - I turned this old thread holder into a picture holder

Color most likely drawn to:
- RED!  Also love black painted pieces

I can't pass up anything red and end up building a collection around it.  In this case, a collection of tins.

Can never pass up buying:
- Small baskets, anything with multiple drawers, chairs (toy to adult size), wooden boxes, small tables, really neat quilts

Small set of drawers on my bathroom counter to store jewelry

I found this child's table and chairs on a buying trip to Brimfield, MA.  Of course, it's red!    

My obsession with small baskets

Favorite piece in home right now:
- Hutch type cabinet in my den.  The bottom piece was my great-grandmother's and the top was handcrafted by my Daddy with vintage glass cabinet doors.  Will post a picture soon!

Basically, I love things that make a house feel cozy, have a hand-crafted feel, and create conversations.  So, that's just a small taste of what draws my eye and pulls me in at the corner garage sale or local flea market.

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