About Us


"I'm Wyma and I'm a JUNKie," was my answer to a Bible study's leader's get-to-know-you question.  What started out as a weekend pastime with my mother 45 years ago has led me to the endless pursuit of the next treasure at flea markets, estate sales, or even the corner dumpster.

In 1992, I gained my appraisal certification and began serving individuals and families with the downsizing or liquidation of their estates.  I love seeing the stories that the houses and their belongings tell, truly considering it an honor to serve families during this life-changing time.

The walls of my house were caving in with all of my adopted vintage finds by 1994.  So, I took to helping these treasures find good homes through various antique malls and shows.  My current finds can be found at the Oxbow in Palestine, TX where I have had a space for about three years.  Love this place - great antiques AND great homemade pie!

The idea for a semi-annual home show came about simply because my antique addiction is in full force and my space at the Oxbow just cannot hold everything that I have been finding!  Right about the time, my husband's childhood home became available.  Not only would this home be great for an office closer to our house, but would be great for holding, of course, more antiques!  Knowing I did not want it to be simply a collection of what I tend to cull together, I asked my favorite fellow antique addicts to contribute.  I got an overwhelming response of yes, thus the semi-annual Wyma and Co. home show was born.

When I'm not unearthing a family's treasure at an estate sale I'm working at or making my way through the garage sale on the corner, I love spending time with my family, reading novels, and cooking for friends.