Sunday, November 25, 2012

"I'm Wyma and I'm a JUNKie"

"I'm Wyma and I'm a JUNKie," was my answer to a Bible study's leader's get-to-know-you question.  When you answer your pastor's wife with an insinuation like that, you know that the world of collecting from time's past has taken hold.  What started out as a weekend pastime with my mother 45 years ago has led me to the endless pursuit of the next treasure at flea markets, estate sales, or even the corner dumpster.

A Logo Makes You Official

I have always been one to do things the "right" way.  I consider myself up for new things and like to think that I'm an old-er gal that can still learn new tricks (ie: learning how to blog).  But, after about 30 seconds of playing around in Microsoft Word (I hear a gasp from all of the seasoned graphic artists), I knew that there was no way I could create a custom logo for Wyma & Co that would ever be considered "right."