Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Logo Makes You Official

I have always been one to do things the "right" way.  I consider myself up for new things and like to think that I'm an old-er gal that can still learn new tricks (ie: learning how to blog).  But, after about 30 seconds of playing around in Microsoft Word (I hear a gasp from all of the seasoned graphic artists), I knew that there was no way I could create a custom logo for Wyma & Co that would ever be considered "right."

So, I turned to my trusty source for all things custom these days,  After some searching and reviewing, I found Miss Kaye at Designed by Kaye was just the right fit for me.  I really liked her portfolio of designs and respected that she did not limit revisions like other graphic artists listed.  She offers several packages with everything that any new business could need.  While I only needed a few of the things she offered, Miss Kaye was able to offer me a smaller custom listing specific for my business needs at this point.

After a couple of weeks, we "got mail" and got our custom logo package.  I LOVE what she came up with and am thrilled with how well she was able to take my vision for this next stage and put it into graphics.

So, here I am, a citizen in the blog world, admitting that a custom logo sure does make all of this official!

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