Thursday, September 15, 2016

HAPPY FALL YA'LL !!!      Fall begins Sept. 22, so I'm a week early.  Always better to be early than late, which I usually am.  I must be excited.  Our Fall Sale/Show invites have arrived, along with a lot of NEW TREASURES.     Looking forward to seeing all our faithful, long time customers October 20-22, 2016. 9 AM.  Bring a friend and pass the word.  You are welcome to SHARE this message!!!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

With Facebook so readily available, I sometimes forget to post here.  During the summer we removed the old brown siding and the 1907 Shiplap (much to my disagreeing) and replaced with Hardy Boards.  I heard all the pros of the new siding, but I still wanted to leave the old.  Nevertheless, we are about to start painting the 1907 Lady.  The color has yet to be determined, so come see us October 20-22, 2016 and admire her new look.